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Do You Trust Him?

I think one of the questions we need to ask ourselves is do we trust God? On the good days and even on the bad ones? Do we trust that He is good? Do we trust that He will provide and supply all of our needs? Do we trust that He is the healer? Do we trust that He loves us and has a great purpose and plan for our lives?

On our walk with the Lord, these are questions that we have to ask ourselves especially when obstacles come our way. When we are faced with a situation, do we first ask ourselves if we trust in Jesus? If we were to ask ourselves this before reacting, this will change the outcome of the situation. When we are faced with a trial, asking do I trust the Lord will lead you to then think about His faithfulness, and how He brought you out of those other situations victoriously. It will lead you to go into His Word and look at what the Bible says about Him being trustworthy, and how faithful He was and still is to His people!

It will allow you to take a step back and realize that God can be trusted and He is everything He says He is… Redeemer, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty Father, Prince of Peace, The Great Physician, Wisdom, Joy, Peace and so much more.

It’s in those moments where we find ourselves going to Him and asking Him for deliverance and you see Him work right before your eyes. Ask yourself this question. Will I still trust Him even when something doesn't go my way? Will I still trust Him when people are coming against me and my purpose? How we react to these circumstances will show if we are deeply rooted in His Word and in our time with Him or not. The more you build a relationship with Jesus, the more you will come to realize that He can be relied on 100% of the time and will never let you down.

Us relying on Him, will allow us to go on the path He has for us instead of us stumbling on our own path we choose for ourselves. Relying and trusting in Him fixes our gaze on what matters and keeps us away from anything that can hinder or distract us from our purpose.

I encourage you to sit down with the Lord and commune with Him. Share your dreams with Him, your thoughts with Him, and ask for His wisdom in every situation. After all, He is Our Heavenly Father, and He wants us to trust Him with every aspect of our lives!

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